1. 3 Reasons To Set Personal Goals

    Clear goal setting has a major impact on your success in all facets of your life. Goals are what propel you forward in life. As a motivational speaker, one of the most important things that I teach my audiences is how to clearly set realistic and attainable goals. Setting clear goals is like mapping your route. Before you know what direction to go in, you need to know where you’re going. Think big, then make smaller goals that will help you reach your overarching goal. Making smaller goals will help keep you motivated towards your larger goal, and keep it at the forefront of your mind. Here are three reasons you should start setting clear goals:

    Helps you focus

    Goals give you something on which to focus your attention. When you know what you want out of something, it gives you a guide to your behavior and thoughts. Without goals, you may float between different activities and interests with little investment in anything. When you have goals, you are working towards the life you want to be living instead of drifting around aimlessly.

    Allows you to measure progress

    You may have an idea of the person you want to be, but that doesn’t tell you how close you are to becoming that person. By giving yourself clear goals, you have a way to measure exactly the progress you have made towards the life you want to live.

    Establishes accountability

    When you have clear, concrete, attainable goals, you no longer have an excuse for not accomplishing your dream. Instead of talking about what you want to happen, you have a plan of action to make your dreams a reality. With your desires clearly outlined, you hold yourself accountable to making them happen.
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  2. How To Be Open To Inspiration

    Inspiration is an integral part of accomplishing anything. This is because inspiration shifts our perspective away from what you cannot do to what you can do. As an inspirational speaker, I feel blessed to I have been able to inspire many people with my story and insight. When people are inspired, that is when change happens. If you are looking to change something about your life, inspiration can fuel the fire and give you the motivation you need. However, you may be concerned because inspiration is a hard thing to just make happen. Fortunately, there are ways to make yourself open to inspiration, increasing your likelihood of feeling inspired.

    Make an effort

    Prepare your mind for inspiration by committing to a goal. When you put in effort towards that goal, you are in a better position to feel inspired because you are beyond the starting line. For example, let’s say you have always dreamed of climbing a 14,000 ft mountain. If you were to hear an inspirational speaker talk about how mountain climbing changed their life, you may feel quite inspired to pursue this dream. However, if you have not been training to climb a mountain, you will be starting from square one, which will make sustaining your inspiration significantly more difficult.

    Be open-minded

    Another way you can help facilitate inspiration is by being open to new experiences. When you have an open mind, you will be in a better position to accept inspiration when it comes to you. You can become open-minded by trying new experiences and considering alternative perspectives to the way you think about things.

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  3. Why Personal Development Matters

    Personal development is the process of fully understanding oneself, and actively taking steps to reach one’s full potential. Personal development is an essential element of success, but little focus is put on it in our society. There are no personal development courses in school, and it is likely that very few people in your life have encouraged you to think critically about who you are and who you want to be. This is a grave error on the part of our culture at large, because personal development is the key to a happy and fulfilling life. It is my opinion that if everyone focused on developing themselves into people who follow set principles and strive towards achievement, our world would be a better place in general.

    As an inspirational speaker, I have helped motivate hundreds of people to improve themselves based on my own personal experience. However, while someone like me may be able to inspire you to strive towards self-improvement, only you can develop yourself. It is your own decision to be your best self and your own actions that determine who you are and who you will become. This is a powerful realization, but it can be intimidating. Many people have lived their lives blaming others or circumstances beyond their control for their problems, refusing to take responsibility for their decisions. Taking control of your life is empowering and transformative, but it does mean that you will have to stop making excuses for why you aren’t your best self. This does not mean you have to beat yourself up when you make a mistake or fail to achieve a goal; in fact, that is a habit that you will have to let go of entirely. It means that when you do make a mistake, you acknowledge that it is okay, and make steps to fix it. Personal development isn’t about perfection; it is about becoming a person who knows themselves and what they want and goes after it.
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  4. Freeing Yourself From Negative Thought Patterns

    As a motivational speaker, I have seen hundreds of people who suffer from low quality of life due to their own negative thought patterns. The stress from their lives has caused them to adopt patterns of self-deprecation and doubt. Many people do not realize that the way they think is dysfunctional; they assume that everyone thinks that way, or that they are inherently bad and deserve the daily berating they give themselves. I am here to tell you that negative self-talk is unhealthy for your body, mind, and spirit, and limits your ability to reach your full potential. The way you speak to yourself creates your reality. When you say to yourself that you will never succeed, it is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Thankfully, you do not have to live like that. There are ways of freeing yourself from these thought patterns.

    Identify rumination

    Ruminating is the act of dwelling on negative feelings. It is a vicious cycle where you cannot escape the negative thought patterns. When you find yourself stewing in your negative thoughts, it is important to first stop and recognize what you are doing. You may even find it helpful to say it out loud — “I’m ruminating, and I need to stop.” Of course, it is not as simple as turning off a switch; negative thoughts have a way of crawling back into our consciousness. But the act of acknowledging that what you are doing is not helpful is the first step to making a change.

    Challenge negative thinking

    Now that you know that you have fallen into a negative thought pattern, you have the opportunity to challenge it. Start by asking yourself the following questions:

    • Why am I thinking in this negative way?
    • How does this negative thinking serve me?
    • Is there a different way for me to look at this situation?
    • Is there anything positive about this situation?
    • What is thinking like this doing to help me achieve my personal goals?

    Separate your mistakes from your self-worth

    Everyone makes mistakes. It is what makes us human. Mistakes are actually an amazing opportunity in life to change our course. Using mistakes as a way to inform behavior and move on is something that all successful people do. The key is to not let them define who you are. Challenge the idea that you are your mistakes by changing the language you use about them. Instead of, “I am a bad student who will never succeed because I forgot to turn in this assignment,” think to yourself, “Forgetting to turn in that assignment was an unfortunate mistake. For the next assignment, I will write the due date in my calendar.” Shifting the negative focus from yourself to your actions stops negative thoughts about your self-worth, and turns it into an opportunity to alter your behavior in the future.

    When you have lived with negative thought patterns for so long, it can be difficult to break free from them. As a motivational speaker, I have helped countless numbers of people overcome their tendency to ruminate on negative thoughts and move on to be successful in their goals. If you are interested in hearing me speak, click here to book me for an event.

  5. The Mind/Body Connection

    Our physical health and mental well-being are inextricably linked. Poor mental health has a detrimental effect on our bodies. Negative thoughts cause stress, which upsets the hormonal balance and depletes the neurotransmitters the brain needs to produce feelings of happiness. There is also evidence that chronic stress leads to such conditions as high blood pressure, anxiety, a weakened immune system, and certain digestive disorders, all of which can lead to more serious and even fatal diseases.

    On the flip side, maintaining great physical health can have a life-altering impact on your mental wellness. This is exemplified through the mood-elevating endorphins released during exercise. Without the stress of worrying about your physical health, your mind is free to expand to its full potential. You can spend your time concerned with personal goals. You have energy to dedicate to building your intimate relationships, improving your financial situation, and jump-starting your career.

    In order to reach Peak State, improving your general health must be a top priority. First, you must assess what is holding you back from your optimal well-being. Are you exercising often enough? Are you eating nutritionally rich foods? Are you sleeping well? Have you seen a doctor for your annual check up this year? Start your journey towards excellence by addressing these issues. Set small, realistic goals for your personal well-being, and stick to them. Without health, we have nothing. The power of self-improvement lies in you; you just have to commit yourself to improving the health and wellness of your body and mind.

  6. Strengthen Your Mental Focus

    To reach a new goal that has been laid out will take dedication, hard work, self reflection, and super-human determination. Reaching your Peak State is a matter of integrating proper mental capabilities while focusing on optimum health and well-being. Dr. Alashari is one of the best public speakers of our time. Through a riveting speech he can teach how improving mental focus to help bring goals into focus. Focus will help zero in on any task that has been set out to achieve, while distractions can detract from the overall goal. Mental focus is one thing that Dr. Alashari talks about during his public speaking seminars, and he will help you exercise your mental capabilities.

    When a goal has been set out, there is a need to control mental capabilities so that the goal can be reached in the end. Strengthening mental focus is one way in which you can train yourself to get a lot more done in a shorter amount of time. Over time, and with a lot of mental exercise, your body will begin to function more efficiently. Not only will your mental focus improve but your overall quality of life may improve as well. Too many Americans live their entire lives without ever tapping into their full mental and physical potential, and this is what a great public speaker will try to improve.

    Tapping into the full potential of the mind is easier when thinking of the mind like a muscle. Regular use and exercise will help it expand and grow. This is one of the main points when Dr. Alashari speaks at any event. His main focus is to help everyone in attendance understand that their mind and their bodies should both be taken care of in order to obtain the inspiration and drive necessary to reach Peak State.

  7. How “Knowing Yourself” Helps Reach Your Goals

    Accomplishing goals is one area in which many people need some extra help. It is one thing to set goals, it is another to learn how to achieve them. Many professionals do not have an accurate sense of their own strengths and weaknesses. Reaching new heights in any area of your life can be achieved through hard work, dedication, the right mindset, and being mindful of who you are and what you can accomplish. Dr. Alashari is an outstanding public speaker that helps people unlock their true potential through innovative and exhilarating talks.

    Reaching personal and professional goals can only be achieved if you are honest about who you are. You need to know each and every strength and weakness. Those who cannot honestly identify their weaknesses will fall into the same traps they have been navigating for years. It is only through total honesty and hard work that weaknesses can become your strengths. A more thorough understanding of yourself will also help you reflect on the life you have been living and the life in which you want to live. Seeking help from specialized individuals to help better an understand strengths and weaknesses. Personal reflection will be an ongoing task throughout the journey.

    Join Dr. Alashari at his next speaking event. As a professional public speaker his job is to empower people to reach their peak potential. His book and his words of wisdom will help you take control of your life and your future. Sometimes a small tweak is all that is necessary for you to change your life.