1) Mission Statement

Creating a mission statement for yourself can be the best investment of time you spend for years to come. This is because this statement, as simple and basic as it may be, will give your life meaning and purpose. It will also allow you to deliberately direct your focus.

2) Visualization Exercise

Think about your goals and see, feel, taste, and smell your goal being accomplished. Imagine how people will react to you when you have accomplished your task. Enjoy every moment of it. By conjuring a mental image of it, you create a synthetic experience in your mind. Your mind will then direct you to its fulfillment by modifying your behavior to be consistent with the attainment of that goal.

3) Enhancement of Self-Image

The strongest predictor of human behavior is the self-image. The ultimate factor involved in all of the decisions you make, whether consciously or subconsciously is the need to stay consistent with your self-image. Your accomplishments in life are dependent upon the expectations you have of yourself. The degree to which you accomplish is based on meeting these expectations. What you expect from yourself is determined by how you view yourself, your self-perception. Because this is such a strong determinant of your behavior, changing your self-image can cause astronomical changes in your outcomes.

4) Create an Empowering Meaning

The technique of Creating an Empowering Meaning can change your daily experience of life in a moment. When you utilize this technique, you are literally changing your experience in its present moment. This technique is based on the premise that “Nothing in life has any inherent meaning; it only has the meaning we assign to it.” Therefore, we can change what things mean to us, and use that to our advantage.

5) Focus on what you can control, and don’t focus on what you cannot control

Spending time, energy, and effort on things that you cannot control is the best way to sap your energy and zest for life. Focusing on the things you can control actually gives you the feeling that you are in more control of your life and increases your options. This can increase your quality of life drastically.