Concise goal setting is an important aspect of professional success. Individuals who are looking to improve their professional and personal lives, often get the greatest benefits from setting clear goals. These goals often come from the perfect vision of the future. Understanding the steps that are necessary to reach your ideal life can be attained when you learn how to set goals that are reasonable and attainable. In order to reach any goal, you must first formulate exactly what you want out of life. For the purpose of The Power of Peak State, we will stick to setting goals that are career oriented.

To begin, never rush goal setting. Real and attainable goals should be meticulously planned over time. Achieving concise goal setting can take a few missteps at the beginning, so persistence and tenacity are key to narrowing down specific goals. Begin all goal setting tasks by thinking big. What would you like to see out of your professional life? Most bigger-picture goals are attainable once measurable goals can be identified that will help pave the way for the overall bigger picture. Once all of your goals have been set out, review them on multiple occasions. Small, short-term goals should fall in line with your core work values. Large, long-term goals should be attainable once short-term goals have been met. One of the biggest factors that leads to missed goals is the fact that individuals will lose site of their overall path, or skip small, short-term goals. Your career goals should always be in the forefront of your mind, not pushed back into obscurity.

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