Personal development is the process of fully understanding oneself, and actively taking steps to reach one’s full potential. Personal development is an essential element of success, but little focus is put on it in our society. There are no personal development courses in school, and it is likely that very few people in your life have encouraged you to think critically about who you are and who you want to be. This is a grave error on the part of our culture at large, because personal development is the key to a happy and fulfilling life. It is my opinion that if everyone focused on developing themselves into people who follow set principles and strive towards achievement, our world would be a better place in general.

As an inspirational speaker, I have helped motivate hundreds of people to improve themselves based on my own personal experience. However, while someone like me may be able to inspire you to strive towards self-improvement, only you can develop yourself. It is your own decision to be your best self and your own actions that determine who you are and who you will become. This is a powerful realization, but it can be intimidating. Many people have lived their lives blaming others or circumstances beyond their control for their problems, refusing to take responsibility for their decisions. Taking control of your life is empowering and transformative, but it does mean that you will have to stop making excuses for why you aren’t your best self. This does not mean you have to beat yourself up when you make a mistake or fail to achieve a goal; in fact, that is a habit that you will have to let go of entirely. It means that when you do make a mistake, you acknowledge that it is okay, and make steps to fix it. Personal development isn’t about perfection; it is about becoming a person who knows themselves and what they want and goes after it.
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