There are two factors that determine our quality of life, ie, how happy we are. These two factors are: our emotions and decisions. But what determines the quality of these two factors? It is our state of mind. Thus, how happy or unhappy we are in our lives is dependent on our mental state.

Most people’s state of mind is a reflection of their circumstances. If the situation is good, they feel good. If the situation is bad, they feel bad. With this approach to life, the individual relinquishes all control over their mental processes.

The same is true if we link our happiness to material objects or other people. If our sense of well-being or approval is contingent upon the presence of these items or people in our lives, we give them control over us, rather than being in control ourselves.

What is truly amazing, and uniquely human, is that we can choose our states of mind regardless of our external conditions. We can just as readily switch from a lousy state to a more positive one.

The second fact is that our state of mind determines what kind of decisions we will make. It is obvious that you will make a very different decision if you are scared or fearful versus if you are feeling strong and confident. The decisions you make also determine your quality of life. The reason is that our decisions are a cause set in motion. Our decisions transform our inner abstract world into the external material world. So if we have healthy positive thoughts, and an elevated state, it will manifest as abundance and facilitate the acquisition of that which we desire. The reverse is exactly true. If we have negative disempowering thoughts and a depressed state, this will manifest as scarcity and loss.

This is your call to action:

  • Become proactively aware of your state of mind.
  • If you find yourself in a disempowering state, change it by changing what you are focusing on
  • Recognize the decisions you need to make in your life
  • Before making the decision, switch into a strong state and then make the decision