Clear goal setting has a major impact on your success in all facets of your life. Goals are what propel you forward in life. As a motivational speaker, one of the most important things that I teach my audiences is how to clearly set realistic and attainable goals. Setting clear goals is like mapping your route. Before you know what direction to go in, you need to know where you’re going. Think big, then make smaller goals that will help you reach your overarching goal. Making smaller goals will help keep you motivated towards your larger goal, and keep it at the forefront of your mind. Here are three reasons you should start setting clear goals:

Helps you focus

Goals give you something on which to focus your attention. When you know what you want out of something, it gives you a guide to your behavior and thoughts. Without goals, you may float between different activities and interests with little investment in anything. When you have goals, you are working towards the life you want to be living instead of drifting around aimlessly.

Allows you to measure progress

You may have an idea of the person you want to be, but that doesn’t tell you how close you are to becoming that person. By giving yourself clear goals, you have a way to measure exactly the progress you have made towards the life you want to live.

Establishes accountability

When you have clear, concrete, attainable goals, you no longer have an excuse for not accomplishing your dream. Instead of talking about what you want to happen, you have a plan of action to make your dreams a reality. With your desires clearly outlined, you hold yourself accountable to making them happen.
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