Setting and reaching goals is a pivotal part of achieving Peak State. However, just because you have not reached your goal does not mean you can’t experience high levels of happiness. There is a lot of potential for joy in the process of striving for something, and enjoying the journey will ultimately lead you to greater success in the end.

It is easy to get disheartened when you are trying to become your best self. Change does not just happen; you must make a conscious effort. That is why you must make small, attainable goals in order to achieve larger ones. Say, for example, you want to 40 pounds. Losing that amount of weight will not happen overnight, and having only a lofty target like that to aim for will discourage you when you don’t see immediate results. It is better to make smaller, concrete goals that contribute to your larger mission. Aiming to lose a pound a week is less intimidating and more specific than losing 40 pounds, but it still contributes to that larger overall objective.

It is important to also stay in the present moment. It is easy to get distracted by the future vision you have for yourself, but you cannot live for it because we cannot predict the future, so choose to be happy now. Pursue the life you want, but enjoy what you have now too. Ultimately, when you do reach Peak State, you will appreciate it more fully because you enjoyed your journey there.