For many people, confidence does not come easily. In today’s world of social media, there is a culture of constant comparison, and it is easy for many people to fall into a pattern of feelings of  self-doubt and inferiority. Unfortunately, this becomes a vicious cycle, because the lower your confidence is, the less likely you are to succeed. Fortunately, you do not have to wait around for high self-esteem to suddenly occur; you can choose to be confident.

A key part of reaching peak state is to gain control of your emotions. To reach peak state, you must alter your behavior and make a habit out of excellence, and through this, you can choose to feel whatever emotion is best for each situation. Though you cannot control everything, you can control your response to situations. In life, there will be people who reach goals you want to achieve before you. This should not discourage you. You can instead choose to use their success to inspire you. If they have achieved this goal, it is possible for you to as well! It is all about perspective. In order to alter your perspective, there are certain steps you can take:

Visualize success

Visualization is a powerful tool. The next time you are faced with a challenge, do not think of all the things that could go wrong; instead, vividly imagine exactly what success will look like. Allow yourself to be transported to the future, where you have stepped up and successfully completed this task. By seeing the end goal, your decisions and actions will be influenced by this vision, and you will approach it with more confidence.

Challenge self-doubt

When you find yourself experiencing self-doubt, it is important to identify that thought, and challenge it. If you find yourself thinking negative thoughts about yourself, take a moment to flip that thought around. Say, for example, that you find yourself thinking that you will never be able to move up in your company because you are not good enough. Challenge that immediately by saying outloud to yourself, “I am good enough. I can succeed in this company.”

Be patient
Any endeavor that is worthwhile takes time. When things do not seem to be going in your favor, you may feel the need to just quit and let the feelings of self-doubt creep in. This is counterproductive. Confidence requires you to stick out challenging situations and rest assured that the results will make it worth the struggle.